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FIRST GRADE!Winter 100%Cotton and Wool Stitching Comforter

FIRST GRADE!Winter 100%Cotton and Wool Stitching Comforter
Product Detailed

(Make to order)


1. Product Information






66"*86",86"*86",90"*100"(make to order)


yellow, white, pink as your required


Flower or blank



 Production grade

Qualified product




Paper or pvc bag packing

FOB Price

US $26-40/Piece


500 Pieces

Delivery Time

Within 30 days



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3.  Features

understand wool quilt

Wool quilt adopts the high quality wool as raw material, through selecting and dust removal, washing and disinfection of advanced technology, deep processing of wool own existence the peculiar smell make a special, thoroughly remove processing, thus it has the advantages of no other quilt-allergy, this point for old people or asthma particularly appropriate, no side effects, so when morpheus get more comfortable.


Wool quilt had five advantages:

1, increase the deep sleep: according to authority test showed that the wool bed is tasted can lead to more than 25% of the deep sleep time, keep the heart rate and maintain the good slow, even close to the skin micro environment.


2, the dry wet absorption, warm in winter and cool in summer: wool can absorb its own weight 35% of water vapor and no moist, and human body in sleep from when a large number of moisture, wool can be unique molecular structure of water vapor sucked into porous structure and is quickly out of body, keep warm, dry, cold hot air is cool, and to ensure that when sleep close to the best skin temperature: 32.7 degrees, and human body best surface temperature and the best sleep for a very similar.


3, fluffy soft, won't matter: wool have at least 40% of the natural elasticity, wool is pressurized can restore the original thickness after more than 90% of the long-term keep elasticity, and soft, won't matter.


4, natural flame retardant, safe and reliable: not easy, burning DianRan wool to release a lot of heat, produce flame, don't melt, and can withstand severe burning, so it is very safe.


5. dust-proof, electric resistance, antimicrobial mites: because of absorbent, is not easy to produce static, and dirt not easy cleave dust; In the water vapor released into the external will before, the first water absorption to own fiber, to reduce the dust mites life cycle, so wool bed is tasted very suitable for infants, asthma, rheumatism and the old use.






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